St Marks Junior School

St Marks have worked with us to develop their outdoor space over recent years. For the latest addition to their school grounds they added the Cube and Supernova much to the pupils delight.

Project Brief:

The school were looking for low maintenance equipment that complimented their existing KOMPAN pieces on the playing field, the brief was to provide a good physical challenge incorporating a large structure that would help address the problem of overcrowding on the tarmac playground.


Project Overview

Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Age Group:  Primary

Product Range: Corocord and Traditional Play

Project Value: £17,000




The Result:


The Cube from our Corocord Range offers climbing at different levels, as the children move up, down and around the structure they have to think carefully about where they will put their hands and feet therefore helping them improve their gross motor skills. The additional benefits of an open structure such as the Cube is the ease of supervision as there are no hiding places. As well as the physical benefits the children really enjoy the social aspect of using the Cube and treating it as a ‘hang out’ spot.


The Supernova is brilliant for team work as you will see from our photos! The low level ring rotates under the control of the user making it a fantastic way to perfect your balancing skills.









‘It’s amazing how many children can use the equipment,  it reduces the problems with overcrowding on the playground and encourages an incredible amount of unstructured social interaction and team building. We have had no issues with the equipment and we are delighted with it. ‘


Andy Sim, Deputy Head Techer

St Marks Junior School