St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School Milton Keynes

St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School had over time created play zones that merged into each oth

St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School had over time created play zones that merged into each other to make play easily accessible for their pupils. Two great new play areas were recently created, one for early years and one for the older school children.

Project Brief

The school wanted structured activities that challenged and helped the children to develop purposeful play whilst also keeping them active, engaged, interacting with and co-operating with others.

The early year’s area included a Robinia Forest Shop, a Moments Mini unit, and a mound with a crawl through tunnel, whilst the area for older children included the impressive Explorer Dome with its bridges to cross, ladders to climb and various levels to reach.

Project Overview

Project Overview

Location: Ardwell Ln, Greenleys, Milton Keynes, MK12 6AY, England

Date of Installation: July 2018

Age Group: EYFS and Primary

Product Range: Corocord, Robinia, Multi Play

Project Value: £100,000





When Head Teacher, Rosemarie, came to KOMPAN she was interested in a traditional timber trim trail for the Year 6's. With a traditional timber trim trail children can waste a large proportion of their break time queuing at the beginning of the trail waiting to finally get their turn. Even when they get on they can only get to the point where the child who went in front them is. St Mary Magdalene have changed the game and invested in the Explorer Dome, which all the children can access straight away - maximising their precious break time to play, creating a happier and healthier School environment!

Head Teacher Rosemarie Jones said “Working with Graham from KOMPAN was brilliant. Initially, he had to overcome our poor perception of KOMPAN from many years ago, but KOMPAN is a totally different company now! We were reviewing the next phase of play areas and we were shown the Explorer Dome which we loved. We then took it to our Governors, they agreed it would make a massive difference. The play areas have given the children a new sense of belonging. Other local schools are now coming to check out the Dome and saying that they have never seen anything like it. It’s also a great selling tool for future pupils and their parents.”


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“The children in the Early Years playground have been so inspired. One child who had literally never spoken whilst at Nursery, found his voice when taken to play in the new playground.

What has also been great is how the play area is used in so many different ways. The children now use their imagination a lot more than before.”

Chloe Ledger

Early Years Leader, St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK12 6AY, England