Stay fit, be mobile, age healthy

With mobility and rehabilitation training

As we advance in life, physical mobility is vital for us all. To not become restricted, we need to keep our body mobile and our minds healthy.

KOMPAN Stay Fit is designed to promote active and healthy aging and to make injury rehabilitation available outdoors in the public space.

With mobility and rehabilitation training



This station is targeted towards executing the “Sit & Rise” and the “Up & Go” tests. The rail in the middle and the round handle at the turning point give extra safety and support if needed.



The Surface Challenge is designed to prevent elderly from falling, by giving them a safe opportunity to practise walking on surfaces and obstacles found in everyday life.



The four wobbles in the Balance Station have different difficulty levels. The placement of the four stations around the ring invites to social interaction.

Stay fit, be mobile, age healthy

Stay Fit

The KOMPAN Stay Fit portfolio offers a range of training stations, each providing fundamental skills training. Each station is inspired by activities and obstacles you would meet in everyday life. Improving on basic life skills is important throughout all stages in life, making KOMPAN Stay Fit relevant for all user groups.


Get safely on the bus

The Reactive Balance Board trains response and balance on unstable surfaces. In everyday life, it could be getting on a bus or walking on a slippery surface.


Up and down the stairs

Stairs can be tricky for elderly people. Training to walk safely on stairs is of pivotal importance. The Stairs Solution comes in different difficulty levels. The inclination varies as does the amount of support from the hand support bar.

Built to last outdoor

The KOMPAN Stay Fit series is built on KOMPAN’s thoroughly tested core platform.

  • Posts are pre-galvanised and powder-coated.
  • Hand bars are hot-dip galvanised with 2mm wall thickness to make them extremely strong and resistant to vandalism and rust.
  • The series is TÜV certified.
Stay fit, be mobile, age healthy

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