The bit down the side

Published 27/10/16


On 17th October 2016, I visited Moorland Primary School in Milton Keynes to speak with the head teacher about the project we completed a few weeks ago. It would have been easy to show pictures of the main playground and the wonderful equipment the children now enjoy, however, I'll save that for another time.

The reason I chose to share this particular element was as a result of the head's comments. She said that obviously the children are thrilled with the main playground, but what she particularly loved was the way this area was transformed. It allowed the nursery children to benefit from a wonderful new space that wasn't even considered before we designed it.

However, schools describe them...‘the bit over there'…‘that strip in between the buildings’ ...‘that horrible overgrown area’ they all seem to have places that they believe can’t be used. Hopefully, this provides a new perspective!

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