The Coppice School

With an age range between 2 and 19, The Coppice School in Preston Lancashire wanted to provide the younger children with equipment they could play on.


Project Brief:

The challenge was to create an environment that would meet the needs of as many of the pupils as possible, whilst keeping within the budget. Improving and enhancing their playtimes and providing stimulating opportunities for them.

Project Overview

Location: Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire

Date of Installation: August 2016

Age Group: Primary

Product Range: Moments School Age, Traditional Play

Project Value: £18,000





The Result:

The new play area has had a major impact on the pupils’ lives, they are learning to share equipment, how to take turns and are settled down and ready to work after playing on the equipment.



“The new play area has had a major impact on our pupils’ lives. They enjoy playing on all the equipment and it is easily accessible to a majority of our younger pupils. Our children seem happier, are more active and more stimulated!”

Wendy Hayworth, SSCo

The Coppice School