The Grange School

Project Brief:

The aim of the project was to design and deliver a playground to assist with the Sensory Processing of the schools Ks2 and Ks3 students with Autism.


Project Overview

Location:  Manchester

Date of Installation: August 2017

Age Group:  KS1, KS2

Product Range: Robinia Hard Wood

Project Value: £60,000





The Result:


This was a really rewarding project for KOMPAN this Summer working with the fantastic team of professionals at The Grange School, Mancheste

With the expert guidance of Deputy Head Jane Jones and Occupational Therapist Katie Myers we at KOMPAN were able to deliver a design that met the needs of the pupils based on the provision of Calming and Alerting activities in the outdoor space. Each zone provides opportunities to trigger specific elements of the Sensory system. The swinging and spinning zones support Vestibular therapy, the climbing unit offers support to the proprioceptive sense, and the chill out tunnel, hammock, tepe and artificial grass zone offer tactile and proprioceptive sensory processing.



“I feel the consultation process with the company was great, with our ideas discussed and listened to and any problems we faced were solved quickly and seamlessly. The KOMPAN representative took on our suggestions regarding suitable sensory diet activities and met us with interest and enthusiasm.

The finished product looks fabulous and the true test was when the children came back after the holidays. Before this process, that playground was not used to its full potential and children would walk around the playground, at times, not having anything to engage with. Now, children have a variety of sensory experiences through the range of equipment that has been installed. The space has been maximised and so has children's playtime."


Katie Myers, Occupational Therapist

The Grange School

The Grange School

Greater Manchester, Manchester , England