The Ultimate Leisure Experience

Published 08/11/17

The changing face of the traditional leisure facility

Make way for a new fitness craze with KOMPANs stylish new outdoor exercise equipment cropping up in country parks and leisure centres all over the country! This is a fresh tactic to coax people into the world of exercise by placing it right under their nose! An outdoor gym can be used as a seductive "try before you buy" approach, it allows a subtle introduction to gym equipment which makes the thought of using the indoor gym less intimidating and more interesting. Imagine children playing on a football pitch, pedalling parents watching from a nearby fitness bike whilst other adults pummel across the hurdles of a challenging obstacle course. This image could be a reflection of your own business, making it the ultimate leisure experience.

Why is outdoor fitness becoming so popular with businesses?

Yes, it's as important as eating for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle but it has been thwarted by modern sedentary lifestyles. It not only helps our mental health but also wards off nasty infections by helping out our immune system. KOMPANs outdoor gyms remove the barriers of cost and accessibility to make exercise more achievable for all.

You could reach out to a whole new customer base, the people who don't like the intense environment of an indoor gym but appreciate exercising in a non-sterile environment. If the fitness equipment is installed next to a games area then it encourages parents to use the equipment whilst their children play. This new tactic of giving people a taster of what your business is about is a powerful marketing tool. In essence, these pieces of equipment act as physical virtual billboards to entice passing interest to your business. What's more, if you are able to draw people to your facility during the day for outside activities, they are far more likely to come inside to supplement their workout or to just have a coffee with friends.

Plugging away on a cross trainer isn't everyone's cup of tea and we would all like to exercise without it feeling like a chore! This is why KOMPAN have also produced obstacle courses and trim trails - an exciting, competitive and fun way to exercise. These innovative fitness solutions give your business a unique selling point in a crowded market, you could even sell boot camp style sessions or training sessions utilising this equipment.

Your visitors don't need to be super fit to have fun on our obstacle course either; all obstacles offer both easy and difficult exercises so that everyone can do a full lap, or several! By putting all equipment in a U-shape, you will be able to create competitions, decide the number of laps and make it a social hotspot.

Nowadays companies need to offer bigger and better customer experiences, if you can capitalise on human instinct to stay healthy and the "try before we buy" culture then the potential benefit is huge. It is a fact that most UK adults want to exercise but only half of them actually do, this is a gigantic number of people that you are missing out on!

Connect with this market on a deeper level by introducing exercise the KOMPAN way with our checklist for the Ultimate Leisure Centre:

  • Multi-Use Games Area
  • Trim Trail
  • Obstacle Course
  • Outdoor Gym