The Waterloo School

The Waterloo School supports children aged 4-11 with social, emotional and mental health needs. With up to 48 pupils they were looking for a playground that all pupils could benefit from.

Project Brief:

The playground needed to ensure all children, including wheelchair users, could benefit from and be involved at the centre of play. It also needed to provide high levels of challenge and engagement, whilst being as safe as reasonable as the children aren’t very danger aware.

Project Overview

Location: Waterloo, Hampshire

Date of Installation: May 2016

Age Group: Primary, SEN

Product Range: Galaxy

Project Value: £30,000




The Result:

KOMPAN carefully selected unique equipment to suit all abilities. The Double Miram unit has several play features to it in addition to the sliding boards so all children can be involved. The Galaxy Kuma unit was placed as a key feature of the playground, children can climb up the slanting wall, sit in the chair and climb on top or swing past the asteroid belt. A bright blue wet pour surface was chosen to brighten up the playground and provide a safer flooring solution to the surrounding tarmac.







“The new playground is great, our children burn off far more energy than they did previously. It has also directed their desire for challenge and risk into a positive activity whilst encouraging them to interact with each other.”


Kirsty Roman, Head Teacher

The Waterloo School