Traditional Play Never Gets Old

Published 04/08/17

It’s all about swings, slides and roundabouts with this week’s theme of Traditional Play!

Most of us have fond memories of our childhood playground, the slides, swings and roundabouts that challenged, educated and inspired us.

Although playground design has evolved, with modern playgrounds now resembling castles, ships or planes, traditional play equipment remains as popular as ever. It's impossible to pinpoint why they are so cherished, but swings and slides were conceived in a time when there was little access to technology, so they provide pure and uncomplicated fun that spans generations.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Our crazy scramblers have hardly changed in 33 years, with children still feeling the rush of excitement as they take the driver's seat and navigate the winding roads ahead of them.

It all begins with swings! Swings were probably the first ever play structures and although the essential dynamics of swinging hasn't changed, their design has. We have a huge range of bird nest swings, five way swings and tyre swings that offer a modern twist on traditional design. Five friends can now laugh, chat and fly through the air at the same time, almost meeting in the middle!

Here's a some more of our traditional products with a contemporary twist…