Tree Top Walk

A tree house in the tree tops

Playing in a treehouse in the highest of trees is something many of us remember with joy from our childhood. That special, children-only play space and lookout point kept us happy and playing for hours on end. 

The Tree Top Walk offers just that to today’s children!

The Tree Top Walk is packed with challenging play activities. Children can climb the squirrel’s trail up to the tree house, getting a real sense of accomplishment for making it to the top. Once rested from the climbing challenge, they can take the bridge from one playhouse to another and experience the thrilling feeling of walking in a transparent rope-filled tunnel high above ground. Finally, they are rewarded with a ride down the curved slide with daylight flashing through the bulls-eye windows on the tube slide’s roof – before starting all over again. 

With its towering height, the treetop walk draws attention from everyone around it – both children and adults. Although it may seem a little scary when looking down, that's what makes it so much fun for children. The facades in genuine Robinia wood give the structure the gentle look of nature, allowing it to either blend in to natural environments or stand out in urban areas. 



When customised becomes the standard

A customer from Queensland, Australia wanted to create a unique landmark and playground for the newly established city of Aura. Inspired by a part of Queensland with a lot of old trees, the customer came up with the idea to bring the fun of climbing in the highest of trees to the children of Aura.

The dream was to create tall structures and re-create the joy of playing in a tree house that many adults of today remember with great joy from their childhood. The aim was to challenge the children and give them a thrilling, yet safe, experience.  

The KOMPAN Design Studio in Berlin took the customers wishes and ideas and developed a custom solution to fit the customer's needs.

Below is the playground from Aura - the city of colour. This playground became the inspiration for the Tree Top Walk. The Tree Top Walk is a standard solution, that draws on the unique features of the Aura Tree House Playground, making a landmark solution with thrilling, elevated play available for all. 

We definitely took the advice from KOMPAN on fun-factor. The kids love the slides. And the rope-walk. I think it's the fear factor. That's the fun factor. 

Shaun Egan

Design Principal on Aura Playground Project

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