Trevithick Learning Academy

KOMPAN have been working with Trevithick Learning Academy for several years, providing climbing frames, go-kart tracks, football zones. The academy was looking for a new piece of equipment to complement their playground


Project Brief:

Ten years ago Trevithick Learning Academy had a large number of children on the exclusion list and behaviour during playtimes was on occasions, aggressive. Their decision to make playtimes more fun so that no child would ever want to miss them has already had a huge impact with the previous KOMPAN product installations. Trevithick Academy were looking for a new and exciting product to add to their playground. It needed to withstand high usage and be robust as it would be in constant use by over 200 kids every day.


Project Overview

Location: Cambourne, Cornwall

Date of Installation: February 2016

Age Group:  Primary

Product Range: Elements, Physical Play

Surfacing: Rubber Mulch

Project Value: £15,000






The Result:


A new skate ramp was installed, a unit which can be used and enjoyed by multiple children at once. It encourages physical activity through learning a new sport and helps improve balancing skills. The skate ramp was robust for the high usage and would never grow tired amongst the children as they can constantly learn new tricks. It complemented the existing playground which included the supernova and various Elements multi-play structures.

“The children know that they can only use the equipment if they behave well and pay attention in class - no one wants to miss playtimes now!”

Sean Powers, Head Teacher

Trevithick Learning Academy