Wetpour Safety Surfacing

As part of playground maintenance, it’s crucial that your playground features safety surfaces. 

As part of playground maintenance, it’s crucial that your playground features safety surfaces.  

Soft play surfaces are available in a wide range of different materials, and choosing the right option depends on your local safety regulations. We work with you to find the right colours and graphics to suit your playground. At KOMPAN, our team provides surfacing solutions for playgrounds, play areas and sports areas.

All our surfaces are tested and certified under BS EN 1177:1998 and comply with all requirements of BS EN 7188:1998.


Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

There are a variety of unique and creative design possibilities available to you and your playground. We can do this using innovative 2D and 3D graphics, as well as a variety of colours and blends. This allows you to turn your imagination into reality by working with our team of designers to create a safe and fun play environment.

One of the most important things we believe in at KOMPAN is inclusivity. That’s why we ensure all our soft surface playgrounds are wheelchair friendly. We also prioritise making the surfacing comfortable to walk on as well. Our wet pour surfacing is also noise reducing which is great as kids can play without the noise of stomping feet.

Wet pour surfacing is ideal for the safety of people using your play area or playground. As a safety surface, it has the best shock absorption available. It’s also highly durable and doesn’t have any hazardous components. One of the reasons wet pour surfacing is so durable is it’s porous and has excellent drainage. A porous surface absorbs liquids, so they don’t pool and create a risk of someone slipping over.

One of the biggest benefits of our wet pour surfacing is it’s highly resistant to UV. This is vital as the surface is usable in all weather conditions. With the right surface, your playground can be enjoyed safely all year round.

At KOMPAN, we supply long-lasting soft surfaces for playgrounds that are also environmentally friendly. Like all our products, our surfacing requires low maintenance. We can also work with you to repair and refurbish any surfaces.

Please note, KOMPAN can supply and install wetpour safety surfacing as part of a larger installation project. We do not supply wetpour on its own.

Dynamic Colours & Graphics

At KOMPAN, we believe in providing fun and dynamic playground flooring. This means soft surfaces available in a range of 27 colours and blends. With our playground surfacing, you can create a unique design that captures the imagination of anyone passing by. Our team also work with a variety of different outdoor sites such as:

  • Playgrounds
  • Fitness areas
  • Multi-sport areas
  • Schoolyards

The only limit to your design choices is your creativity and imagination. Explore your colour options to build an incredible outdoor space. As well as colours, we also supply a wide range of casted graphics that transform any outdoor space.

We offer over 300 prefabricated 2D and 3D graphics. The graphics add fun and colourful themes that create a fun environment that encourages play. Our graphics are 10mm thick and are available in a range of different shapes, sizes and designs. All our graphics are manufactured using high-quality EPDM and a polyurethane binder. We can install casted graphics the same day as a wet-pour surface. This will save you significant time, labour, and money.


Wetpour Safety Surfacing
Wetpour Safety Surfacing

How Our Wet Pour Surfacing is Installed

We install wet pour safety surfacing using two layers of cast rubber that are laid on top of each other. This bottom layer is what creates shock absorbance and increases the safety of anyone using the surface. The thickness of this layer can be adapted to the requirements of your outdoor space. 

For example, the layer can be changed to meet the critical fall height (CFH) necessary for playgrounds or fitness areas. The top layer of a wet pour surface is approximately 10-15mm thick and protects the shock-absorbing layer from wear and tear. Matching these two layers using contrasting colours can create a range of graphic features.


Top Layer Materials

We provide top layers for surfacing in more than 24 bold colours with different creative colour blends available too. Top layer materials consist of specially made premium EPDM granules. The layer is also bound with polyurethane resin. We finish the top layer to use a granule size of 1-3, 5mm. The granule size is what creates an incredible surface effect that transforms any outdoor space.

When maintaining any playground, the total thickness of the surfacing must meet the critical fall height requirements. These regulations aim to reduce the risk of damage to someone if they fall from playground equipment. At KOMPAN, we understand that playground safety is crucial, this is why we surpass these requirements.

Bottom Layer Materials

The base layer we provide consists of 100% recycled rubber; materials collected mainly from automotive sources. All the rubber we use is thoroughly cleaned to remove possible contaminants before being processed. The granule size of the layer is around 2-6mm which is bound with polyurethane resin.

The sub-base layer of wet pour safety surfacing can be installed on both bound and unbound sub-bases, but specific requirements apply in both cases. This helps to avoid any drainage issues or permanent deformation. When installing top layer applications, the sub-base layer has to be concrete or asphalt.

Please note, KOMPAN can supply and install wetpour safety surfacing as part of a larger installation project. Wedo notsupply wetpour on its own. 

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