Benefits of playgrounds in schools

Published 08/11/18


While schools are primarily a learning environment, playgrounds bring a whole host of benefits to schools and the students in attendance. Children from reception age all the way up to school leavers need to have somewhere either to play, hang out with friends or get some exercise and school playground equipment plays a necessary part in encouraging kids to get active.

So, what are the main benefits of playgrounds in schools? Le'ts take a look....

For the Students

Quality school playground equipment offers plenty of developmental benefits, from growing social skills as they play and interact with other students to encouraging physical activity, helping children stay active and healthy.

School equipment is often tailored to the age groups who will use it most frequently. For example, playground equipment for early years is largely designed around role-playing activities. This helps children to try out new ideas and traits in a comfortable play environment, building self-confidence and helping them to find their place in the world. Infant, junior and general primary school equipment also incorporates role-playing, although should also offer the opportunity for children to develop their co-ordination, balance and communication skills.

Our secondary school playground equipment is popular with older children who may have matured past traditional play but are still interested in opportunities to build upon their fitness levels and physical ability. We can work with schools to create areas to encourage socialisation and hangouts, fitness circuits and comprehensive playgrounds that offer a little bit of everything.


benefits of playgrounds in schools by KOMPAN

For the Schools

Quality school playground equipment can instantly transform a boring, open space into a colourful, creative area of play making it more attractive for parents and students who are scouting schools to attend. Not only is it more attractive to prospective students and their parents, but a quality playground contributes to the entire aesthetic of a school. In addition, it can also work to reassure parents that the school values their children’s needs for physical, social and emotional development outside of the classroom environment.

A quality playground can add extra value to a school, increasing its rating and meeting students’ requirements comprehensively. Rather than offering a plain, open area to run around in, children are stimulated through bright colours and various textures in a safe, innovative environment.

We are also thrilled to be able to offer lesson plans, developed by the Kompan Play Institute. Our series of learning and teaching materials have been designed to meet the National Curriculum while encouraging natural creativity and curiosity.

If you are wondering how adding new school playground equipment benefits your outdoor areas or think that your school's existing playground equipment could do with a refresh, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today on 01908 201002. All of our playgrounds are built to make the best use of the available space and create a unique area for play and activity.


Why are playgrounds important to have at schools?

There are many benefits of school playgrounds, namely that they provide a rice learning environment for younger students, enabling them to hone their motor, social, and balancing skills as well as develop strength and muscles through play. Playgrounds are important in schools as they are a break from learning in the traditional sense, although children still learn when in the playground; this could be through social activities with peers, turn-taking, and personal learnings such as what their abilities are.


Why are natural playgrounds important?

Nature play and natural playgrounds are important for children to gain a sense of freedom, especially in more urban areas where green spaces and nature may not be a prevalent. Natural playgrounds enable students to use their imaginations in play, and wood and natural objects will give them a feeling of being closer to the environment, especially when combined with other natural shapes such as flowers, birds, and trees.

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