Wilbraham Primary School

Wilbraham is a vibrant school in Fallowfield Manchester that wanted to give their children something really exciting to do at playtimes.

Project Brief:

The challenge was to replace a timber playground that had been neglected for many years and create three steel outdoor play areas for the Nursery, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children.

Project Overview

Location: Manchester

Date of Installation: August 2016

Age Group: Primary

Product Range: Robinia, Imaginator, Elements, Corocord, Galaxy, BLOQX

Project Value: £100,000+





The Result:

With unique playground equipment that really stands out, Wilbraham School noticed a huge difference in the level of constructive play within the first week. The children are turning up early for school in the morning to play in the playground.







“KOMPAN have really pulled out all the stops to ensure that our project was delivered on time and have done a fantastic job, I would not hesitate in recommending them to any school...What super impressed us was the KOMPAN Play Institute – the division at KOMPAN Head Office who constantly work with children and research children play and development to bring unique products to the market which have play value and real holding power for children”.

Steve Wheeldon, Head Teacher

Wilbraham Primary School