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Having recently relocated to a new build from a 150 year old school that was too small, Wouldham nee

Having recently relocated to a new build from a 150 year old school that was too small, Wouldham needed to create a new outdoor space. With ‘Friends of’ the school and the PTA raising money for several years towards this project, a grant from the lottery and winning KOMPAN’s Matched Funding Competition in 2017 ensured that they had enough budget to create their dream space.

Project Brief

The whole ethos of the school is to get children active outside and living healthy lives, part of this was creating a space where the children can naturally go, run around, climb, slide and roll. Challenging students in a safe environment where they can play, explore and be creative, developing cognitively and physically.

On top of that, the school also wanted the playground to be a ‘Superhero training ground’ to celebrate the life of Harry, a student in Year 8 who sadly passed away.


Project Overview

Project Overview

Location: Wouldham nr Rochester, Kent

Date of Installation: December 2017

Age Group: Primary

Product Range: Robinia

Project Value: £28,000




The Result:

The Superhero playground opened on the 19th March, “the children are really enjoying the playground; doing somersaults around the poles, climbing on the nets, sliding down the fireman’s pole and generally just having a great time” Carl Fitter Head Teacher. The mix of natural materials, physical challenges, and long-lasting warranties mean that the current and future students will enjoy this playground for years to come. Overall the playground really has supported the ethos of the school, helping get the children out, active and healthy.

"It’s been very easy and it’s been really really good, we have a playground to be proud of, I particularly like the natural feel of the materials, it looks good, the children enjoy it and it’s going to be here for many years to come”

Carl Fitter, Head Teacher

Wouldham All Saints Primary

Wouldham All Saints Primary

Kent, Rochester ME1 3GE, England